From Traditional to Virtual Piano... provides you with this pretty piano that can be used online in your web browser. You have nothing to install. Just click on the keys to play ! Of course, it is not a Steinway Model D or a Bösendorfer Imperial, but it will perfectly fulfill its role as a small vocal guide. Its only purpose is to let you play the tunes that come to mind. read more »

Let's Play on The Beat !

Tick, tock, tick, tock. This high-precision virtual metronome is made available to you by It can be used in your web browser without any prior installation. Take out your instruments and click on the button to run it! read more »

The Music Paper Bread

With its pretty Italian name carta musica, this traditional pane carasau seems to be intended for us! A crunchy texture, serrated layers worthy of an antique parchment, a beautiful golden color and a slightly toasty flavour... heat up your ovens! read more »

The Cordier's Temperament

Watch out! If you don't know what the interval between E and F is, or if you don't know the order of the sharps, there is no point in going further in this doc : it would be of no use to you... On the other hand, if you practice early music or if you handle quarter tones with dexterity, it is likely that you will be able, through this presentation of Cordier's temperament, to see a little more clearly the very vast and oh so polemical subject of temperaments... read more »


PaMus MP3 Recorder

Although we record audio on our smartphones every day using one of the many applications available, there are still cases where recording direct to computer can be more convenient and productive. Computers now have very good recording features, by the way. It would be a shame not to exploit their audio performance, which is more than sufficient for everyday recording. read more »


Score Editing Softwares

If music paper and pen are no longer enough for you, this doc will tell you everything you need to know to get started with computer-assisted sheet music editing. read more »