• Modele Bourdons et Mixtures
  • The “Bourdons et Mixtures” model

    As its name implies, it is intended for the organ...
    The Italian format forces to shrink the staves and is therefore not very suitable for large tessitura. In this case, a vertical format such as the "Corno di bassetto" is preferred.

    3x 3 staves - Size: Medium

    Format A4

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  • Modele Quartetto
  • The “Quartetto” model

    The 4 parts of the vocal or instrumental quartet...

    3x 4 staves - Size: Medium

    Format A4

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  • Modele Pleyel
  • The “Pleyel” model

    The music staff paper for quintets...

    2x 5 staves - Size: Medium

    Format A4

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  • Modèle Quatre
  • The “Quatre” model

    This four-system blank sheet music is best for use with vocal quartets, string quartets, or other forms. It is a model with fairly tight lines, which makes it more suitable for advanced composers than for beginners.

    4x 4 staves - Size: Mini

    Format A4

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