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"Tabs" set

  • Modele Deux Chemins
  • The “Deux Chemins” model

    There are two possible uses for this paper.One way is to transcribe a guitar score simultaneously on staves and tabs, the other is to use it to write a work for a guitar and another instrument...

    6x 1 Staff + 1 tablature - Staves size: medium

    Format A4

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  • Modele SimpleTab
  • The “SimpleTab” model

    The basic tablature model. For those who don't like writing music on staves...

    8x tablatures - Size: N.A.

    Format A4

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  • Modele Guitare S
  • The “Guitare S” model

    For two guitars, either staves or tablatures, according to the musician's choice...
    Also usable for two guitars and piano...etc ...

    3x 2 staves + 2 tablatures - Staves size: medium

    Format A4

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  • Modele Quartet G
  • The “Quartet G” model

    For a four-instrument piece with one guitar... Many possible uses.

    3x 1 Staff+1 tablature - Staves size: medium

    Format A4

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