The Collection

"Large and Extra Large Staves" set

  • Modele Conservatoire
  • The “Conservatoire” model

    Highly readable staves, well adapted to small music school students.

    10 staves - Size: Large

    Format A4

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  • Modele Czerny
  • The “Czerny” model

    Some will prefer this vertical model to the "Petit pianiste" model...

    5x 2 staves - Size: Large

    Format A4

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  • Modele Trio anches
  • The “Trio d’anches” model

    This model has been designed for educational scores with three instruments...

    3x 3 staves - Size: Large

    Format A4

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  • Modele Adagio
  • The “Adagio” model

    Wide but pleasant staves for ink writing... Can be a good choice for slow movement...

    7 staves - Size: Large

    Format A4

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  • Modele Largo
  • The “Largo” model

    Wide, well-spaced staves that are perfect for beautiful musical calligraphy...

    6 staves - Size: Large

    Format A4

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  • Modele Trio
  • The “Trio” model

    The Italian layout will be more suited to writing vocal trios than to instrumental composition.

    2x 3 staves - Size: Large

    Format A4

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  • Modele Fortissimo
  • The “Fortissimo” model

    With its thick lines, this music paper meets a double challenge. It is great for very young musicians who still have trouble centering the notes in the staff. It is equally suitable for visually impaired musicians. In this case, it can, if necessary, be enlarged to A3 format for even more visual comfort.

    7 staves - Size: Extra-Large

    Format A4

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  • Modele Sforzando
  • The “Sforzando” model

    Although its staves are as wide as those of the Fortissimo Model, the length of its lines is sufficient not to break up the musical phrasing too much. Its oversized design makes it the ideal music manuscript paper for visually impaired musicians.

    5 staves - Size: Extra-Large

    Format A4

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